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Nymphenburg Figurine

Adorable Nymphenburg Porcelain Lamb Figurine MINT!


Nymphenburg Lying Mastiff Figurine #751


Nymphenburg, Western Germany, White Bull Terrier, From Bill & Pat Edwards Estate


Nymphenburg German Porcelain Heraldic Lion Figurine with Shield


Cute Nymphenburg Porcelain Sleeping Pig Figurine


Nymphenburg Bustelli figurine 375 "Chinese Priest and Man Greeting" WorldWide


Rare Nymphenburg Bustelli figurine 248 "Tempestuous Lovers" WorldWide


2 Vintage Nymphenburg Porcelain Cockatoo Bird Parrot Figurines 12.5"


Antique Nymphenburg pair of figurines African Man and Woman WorldWide


RARE Nymphenburg Figurine-FOX RESTING -T. Kaerner - #481 - 1920's - 10"L -MINT


Rare Nymphenburg Porcelain Wild Boar Figurine Figure Porzellan Wildschwein Figur


Antique 19thC Nymphenburg Porcelain Amor Cupid Figurine Figure Porzellan Figur


Nymphenburg White Porcelain Raised Basket with Rams Heads Blanc de Chine






Nymphenburg Porcelain Arabian Horse Figure Figurine Porzellan Figur Stallion #2


RARE Nymphenburg Figurine-Leopard Resting - T. Karner - #153 - 1911 - MINT


Nymphenburg figurine 882 "Woman from Luzern" WorldWide


Beautiful nymphenburg porcelain Bustelli Commedia Pierrot


Antique Nymphenburg Porcelain Dog & Frog Figure Figurine Porzellan Hund Figur


Nymphenburg Porcelain Sealyham Terrier Dog Figure Figurine Porzellan Hund Figur


Antique large 14" Nymphenburg figurine 1157 "Six Arts" WorldWide


Nice Nymphenburg Porcelain Couple Man & Lady Figure Figurine Porzellan Figur


Vintage Nymphenburg Figurine LARGE POLAR SPITZ / SAMOYED DOG By Konrad Schmid


Antique 19thC Nymphenburg Porcelain Dachau Lady Figurine Figure Porzellan Figur


40's Nymphenburg Porcelain Polar Bear Figurine modeled by Willy Zugei model# 392


Five Nymphenburg musicians, blanc de chine porcelain


Fine Nymphenburg Porcelain Figurine with Bird West Germany


*18th C Nymphenburg ORIGINAL F. Bustelli Model Spring White Porcelain Figurine


Great Nymphenburg Porcelain Ermine Figure Figurine Porzellan Figur Weasel Wiesel


Nymphenburg #398 Two German Shepard Dog figurines.


Stunning Nymphenburg Porcelain Borzoi Dog Figurine Figure Porzellan Hund Figur


Antique German Nymphenburg Porcelain Bustelli Commedia dell' Arte Figurine Julia


Rare Nymphenburg Porcelain Hippo Figurine Figure Porzellan Hippopotamus Figur


Fine Nymphenburg Porcelain Chinoiserie Figurine West Germany


Nymphenburg figurine 278 "Hunter on Horse" WorldWide


Nymphenburg Bustelli Figurine Woman Lady Terrier Dog Pulling Skirt Naughty


Nymphenburg Bustelli figurine 67 "Chinese Boy Requesting" WorldWide


Vintage Antique German Nymphenburg Porcelain Setter Hunting Dog Figurine PJ Mene


Antique 19thC Nymphenburg Porcelain Biscuit Lady Figurine Figure Porzellan Figur